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Expand your network and skills through exclusive, members-only events.

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Gain valuable insights and tips directly from the Emmy-award-winning Muse Team.

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submit your film and get feedback from the community or, for the ambitious, join a film review night and get live feedback from supportive and passionate storytellers like you.

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Each month, dive deep into a specific area of filmmaking, enriching your craft.

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At Story First, you’re not just joining a community; you’re finding your filmmaking tribe. Say goodbye to the isolation of solo projects. Here, you’ll find a constant stream of inspiration, unwavering support, and the motivation to be your best every day. With Story First, you’re not just improving your skills; you’re shaping your own narrative and building lasting connections.

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What does the free trial include?

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Experience full access to all community features for 14 days, completely risk-free. Join events, access all content, and only stay with the community if you’re loving it. Cancel anytime in a couple clicks.


What makes Story First unique?

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We’re a community of filmmakers with a shared passion for changing the world with our stories. Led by the Muse Team, Emmy Award winning filmmakers who have traveled to 70+ countries and made films for the most legendary brands.


How often are community events held?

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We have monthly online events related to the theme of the month. We have film review nights where you can submit a film and get live feedback from the community.


What if I need help or have questions?

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You can post or DM our team 24/7 within the community. It’s easy and quick to get in touch anytime you need help.

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