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Unlock the Secrets of Storyfinding

If you've every struggled with knowing where to start and how to find amazing stories – check out this adventure 🚀


Go in-the-field with us to learn the science-based process behind finding characters and developing compelling stories in real-time.

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Based in Science, Rooted in Passion

We at Muse discovered that the best stories start with the best characters


Characters who have desire, motivation, and uniqueness  The more they have of each of those things, the more the audience cares too. 


But where do you even start finding those people? How do you get them to let you into their lives, on film?


That's the process of Storyfinding.


And we'd love to make you a Storyfinding Hero. This course will help you find the stories others can't. See what others don't. Because remember, your perspective will always be the strongest lens you attach to a camera.

What you get in this course

Experience Storyfinding:

A 30-Minute Documentary

Dive into a 30-minute documentary showcasing our high-pressure storyfinding challenge. Witness the real-world process, far beyond mere Powerpoint slides.

Your Storyfinding AI Assistant: Maestro GPT

Ready-To-Use Templates and Blueprints

Get professionally designed pitch decks and email outreach templates to boost your pitch quality and position you as a strategic partner.

OK, but why Muse?


🎥  At Muse Storytelling, we've found and told some pretty remarkable stories over the years.


🏆 We've used these ideas to win Emmys.


🌟 We've used them in our work with global brands like FujiFilm, Four Seasons, and the NFL.


👏 We've used them to rack up tens of millions of views for our original web series.


🌎 And we've taught our methods in closed-door sessions at Apple, Nike, and the United Nations.

🎬 It's not luck; it's our process. Our storyfinding method works—consistently. Put in the work, learn a few fundamental ideas, and take your stories to new heights.

Till Trojer - Filmmaker

OH WOW, GUYS! You are truly fantastic! What an amazing approach and execution in under 60 hrs. Cudos! I love the takeaway of sharing your own vulnerability to build a stronger connection to people.

Mark Vandersys - Photographer

REALLY enjoyed this in-the-moment approach. The good, the bad, and everything in between. Extremely easy to watch and PACKED with so many learning opportunities.

Paige Erlich - Filmmaker

This was delightful and inspiring! Your commitment to find the BEST story vs just stopping at good enough. Unfiltered presentation of your process vs glamorization of it. Thank you!

Jeremy Scherer - Video Producer


MUSE is incredible! I am already making an impact on the way I construct my stories but also how I pitch my own product to my clients -- and the price is a bargain compared to how much I'd spend at a local university…


Some Snippets from the 30-minute Storyfinding Documentary

Become a Storyfinding Hero!

Improve your Storyfinding skills while also experiencing why Muse filmmaking and story education has transformed the lives of filmmakers like you.

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