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Everything you need to skyrocket your filmmaking career

Story Mastery

An A-Z blueprint of how to find and tell remarkable stories without having to rely on luck. Develop your expertise, deeply understand story, and create emotionally resonate films.

Technical Mastery

Film school for those in the documentary and commercial space – complete with lessons on camera, lighting, audio, lenses, movement, and more.

Business Mastery

Learn how to become magnetic for your clients, increase your perceived value, and grow your client roster and average project rate.

So much more than online courses.

With the assessment for World-Changing Filmmaker, you get personalized onboarding and a custom learning plan, along with community support and office hours to hold you accountable and maximize your progression and success.

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Our promise to you

By booking a call with our team, we promise to show up prepared, having reviewed your work, and with a genuine interest to help you uncover your blindspots and growth areas. It's important to us that this call is valuable regardless of whether you decide to proceed with World-Changing Filmmaker.

And if we decide you are the right for for the program, you'll be backed by my personal guarantee that gives you 6-months to judge the program and if you're not totally satisfied, you'll get a full refund plus $500 back :)

– Patrick
Founder of Muse Storytelling