From Tripod to Trusted Partner: The QUEST Method

Transform Your Very Next Sales Call, Elevate Your Value, and Book Higher-Paying Clients - GUARANTEED


What is the QUEST Method?

The QUEST Method is your secret weapon for navigating sales calls with confidence and strategy.

Say goodbye to feeling like just another tripod and hello to being seen as an invaluable creative partner.

As filmmakers, we often struggle to get the budgets we deserve.

We're treated like commodities, our expertise undervalued.

The QUEST Method changes that narrative, giving you a step-by-step process to not only land the gig but secure the budget you truly deserve.

Here's how QUEST transforms your sales approach with a step-by-step method:

  • Q - Question for Connection: Build rapport and emotionally connect with your client. This helps create the foundation of trust for the rest of the call.
  • U - Understand the Conflict: Uncover the core challenges and desired outcomes. This helps go beyond just 'a video' and create far more value in what you offer. 
  • E - Engage in Co-Creation: Collaborate on shaping the story's direction to generate genuine excitement.
  • S - Solve with Story Process: Demonstrate how your unique approach will deliver the results they're looking for. This cements you as the right partner.
  • T - Transform through Commitment: Create clarity on the next steps and what's needed to move forward. No feeling pushy – frictionless and collaborative next steps.
When you join QUEST, you'll receive a comprehensive breakdown of each stage, complete with a curated list of powerful questions to ask at each stage.

This isn't just a method; it's your roadmap to becoming a strategic partner your clients can't live without.
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From First Contact to Signed Contract: QUEST Has You Covered

The QUEST Method isn't just about nailing the sales call - it's your complete toolkit for the entire sales process. Here's how QUEST empowers you at every step:

Pre-Call Preparation

Learn the five things you need to know before you pick up the phone.

Objection Handling

Turn client hesitations into enthusiastic agreements.

Budget Discussions

Master the art of talking money without breaking a sweat.

Proposal Crafting

Create irresistible offers that maximize your value and lead to an easy 'yes'.

Post-Call Follow-Up

Templates for how and when to follow-up for maximum effectiveness.

Closing the Deal

Seal the deal with confidence and set the stage for a remarkable partnership.


We know you're busy and want to be spending your time creating amazing films. That's why we've designed QUEST to be lightning-fast to learn and implement.

Everything you need to leverage QUEST on your very next sales call:

📋  One-page cheat sheet: Keep the QUEST stages and key questions at your fingertips during calls. ($47 value)

📧  Email templates: Craft perfect pre and post-call messages in seconds. ($97 value)

🛡️ Top objections and answers: Turn client concerns into opportunities with our proven responses. ($47 value)

🎨 Pitch templates in Canva: One-click, optimized templates to wow your clients and close deals. ($147 value)

🤖 QUEST Assistant GPT: Leverage AI to personalize the method to your specific client in mere moments. ($97 value)

Hear directly from our beta-testers – filmmakers just like you: 

"Worth it's weight in GOLD. This method completely transformed my discovery call yesterday. The result in sales potential is massive. HIGHLY recommend it."

-Autumn Payne

"I can see how to be far more intentional and how to set myself apart from other filmmakers. For me having a process or framework makes me feel more secure in how to get it right."

-Christine Harbig

"This is a tremendous resource and will help me approach discovery calls with confidence, knowing exactly what I need to get out of them to progress to the next stage and 'be remarkable"

-Elliot Hornell

"Extremely valuable and well-communicated. Many of them would have helped me during +15 years in the business. Keep up the brilliant work!"

-Lars Grote

"It goes beyond templates into practical ideas, systems, and methods that we can easily implement to set us up for success."

-David Medina

"The QUEST Method helped me prepare much faster for calls and gave me questions I wouldn't have thought to ask, leading to more effective client interactions."

-Kelvin Lozano

"The key questions are fantastic. I really thought explaining storyfinding and responding to common objections were very valuable in all of this.".

-Kevin Jacobsen

"The QUEST Framework is very comprehensive with a multitude of examples, from outreach templates, to questions to ask, to what to say when communicating value. I KNOW that ."

-Cassie Carter

"The QUEST method was a step-by-step plan that explained the reasoning behind each step. I went through everything as advised, and it worked, even using AI for the first time."

-Jamar Harden

Let's get you closing more deals at the budgets you deserve

The QUEST Method


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  • 86-page Book delivered as a PDF
  • Cheat-sheets and email templates
  • QUEST Assistant GPT to personalize the process to your client
  • Master strategic sales calls and command premium rates
  • Position yourself as a trusted creative partner
  • Win more high-value, long-term clients
  • Boost your confidence and eliminate sales anxiety
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Transform your next sales call - GUARANTEED

Dive into QUEST and use the step-by-step method and provided questions on your very next sales call. If you don't get significant results – we'll happily give you a 100% refund.

Just look at the text Janice sent me, days after learning QUEST and applying it to a sales call with a BRAND NEW client.

They left the call saying – 'I think I've just fallen in love with you."

That's the power of QUEST.

We've been trusted by the world's most legendary brands to tell their stories

Want to know more before diving into QUEST?

Hear how Autumn, a filmmaker just like you, implemented QUEST for instant results.

Meet Autumn, the founder of a video production company specializing in ethical storytelling for nonprofits and world-changers.

Like many filmmakers, Autumn found herself stuck in a cycle of simply responding to client requests, limiting her ability to showcase her true value and expertise.

"Before I used the QUEST method, people weren't clear on what it was that I could really offer them to the full extent," Autumn shared. "Usually the conversation happened in context of, 'Well, what is it that you want?' And let me go ahead and do what it is that you want."

This approach, while well-intentioned, was capping Autumn's potential and undermining her ability to provide strategic value to her clients. She knew she could do more, but struggled to communicate her full range of skills and expertise.

Then, Autumn discovered The QUEST Method.

"When I saw what the topic was going to be, I was like, I need this, like two years ago," Autumn exclaimed. "So I was very excited to get going with it as soon as possible."

The impact was almost immediate.

Just days after learning the method, Autumn used it in a discovery call.

The results? Transformative.

"It changed the dynamic drastically," Autumn reported. "At the end of it, she's like, 'Well, I can't afford you yet. But I would like to save some money to do it.'"

But the real game-changer came in her next pitch. After practicing with our team and refining her approach, Autumn went into the call with newfound confidence and clarity. 

"The QUEST method allowed me to have my own formula to also assert my leadership in that conversation," Autumn explained. "I was already prepared to propose some solutions for those goals. And so I think he was really surprised by that."

The outcome? A $15-20k contract that positioned Autumn as a strategic partner, not just a service provider. She and her client win now, and she has the foundation for a long-term relationship.

Her client was so impressed with the value she presented that when he received the pitch, his reaction was one of relief. 

"I think that the value was highlighted well enough that when he did get the pitch, he was probably relieved by the price tag," Autumn shared. "He was like, 'Oh, okay.' I think that's the impression I got because he was like, 'This looks great.' You know, he's ready to move forward."

This, my friends, is how you sell $15k and up projects with ZERO friction.

Nothing pushy. Genuine interest, connection, and solving the larger problems that your client puts much more value on.

Autumn's story is just one example of the transformative power of The QUEST Method.

It's not just about charging more – it's about providing more value, positioning yourself as a strategic partner, and creating win-win situations for you and your clients.

"The biggest shift with the QUEST method is really making it all about the client, and then being able to position yourself in a place where you can really be of service," Autumn concluded. "It's that win-win where you're provided more abundance and resources, but they're also getting bigger and even more measurable returns with the work that you're doing.

"It's worth it's weight in GOLD!"