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The 5-day Pitch Playbook Mini-Course for filmmakers


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Inside the Pitch Playbook Mini-Course, you'll discover:

  • Unlock the Art of Intentional Questioning: Learn how to ask insightful questions that uncover deep client needs, shifting the focus from selling videos to offering high-value solutions.
  • Navigate Budget Discussions with Confidence: Master the crucial conversation of budgeting, learning to align your creative vision with your client’s financial expectations.
  • Discover the 7 Core Components of a Strong Pitch: Unveil the core components that make up a compelling pitch, from crafting a personalized approach to aligning with your client’s goals.
  • The Remarkability Factor: Explore the game-changing concept where excellence meets the unexpected, enhancing your appeal and marketability in every pitch.
  • Inside a 6-Figure Winning Pitch: Get an exclusive breakdown of a successful six-figure pitch, witnessing how strategic questioning, budget alignment, and the Remarkability Factor can lead to significant deals.
  • Building Trust and Value: Learn strategies to enhance the perceived value of your work, positioning your pitches to command higher rates with minimal negotiation.

Meet Patrick Moreau, Creator of the Pitch Perfect Mini-Course

Over the past 12 years, Patrick has won 5 national Emmy Awards, partnered in storytelling with giants like the NFL, United Nations, and Four Seasons, and created high-impact content with 7-figure budgets currently airing on major streaming platforms.

Now, Patrick is on a mission to transform the filmmaking journey for 100,000 filmmakers. That's why he's sharing his wealth of experience and storytelling strategies in this free Pitch Perfect Mini-Course.

Get Access to Lesson # 1

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