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🎥 Talent Release: Secure the rights to showcase faces and voices, both young and old.
🎉 Event Release: Film in crowded spaces without breaking a sweat.
🏢 Location Release: Get the green light to film anywhere.
🎨 Materials Release: Use songs, art, or clips without legal hiccups.
📂 Master Release Tracker: Keep all your permissions neatly organized.
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The Science of Storytelling - Pay in Full

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The Science of Storytelling is a meticulously crafted course and toolkit to elevate your filmmaking craft. As soon as you register, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge and resources.

This course is your key to becoming a strategic creative partner, commanding higher project rates, and creating films that resonate deeply with your audience.

Here is everything that's included:

  • 26+ important video lessons on the Science of Storytelling ($327 Value)
  • Muse’s official Storyfinding Manual, Storyfinding Tracker, Strategic Breakdown, Keywords Worksheet & Character Brief Worksheet ($250 Value)
  • The Storytelling Genius AI acts as your own 24/7 assistant or duplicate version of you. Trained on our science of storytelling so you get support during research, creative development, and planning for production ($299 Value)
  • The Storyfinding Maestro GPT: a custom AI tool created by the team to guide filmmakers through the storyfinding process for their films. 
  • A step-by-step blueprint for planning the plot points of your story and going into production with intention and preparation – includes the 7 Types of Story for matching the story type with your project and goals ($199 Value)
  • Our very own Canva templates you can use to increase your perceived value when pitching your ideas to clients to boost your project rates ($199 Value)
  • *BONUS* - The Story First Community is where you can connect with like-minded creatives, receive feedback on your work, and participate in exclusive monthly events ($97 value)

Your satisfaction and learning journey are our top priorities. If you've immersed yourself in the course and it does not deliver the value you expected within 6 months, we'll gladly issue a refund. 

Why Choose Us:

Muse Storytelling has been at the forefront of storytelling and filmmaking, collaborating with brands like Apple, Four Seasons, and the NFL. Our mission is to help filmmakers tell stronger stories and make a profound difference. With this course, we take you into the field to discover how to find and tell the best stories.

What People Are Saying:

My career has been transformed, and the people I work with have noticed that I’ve elevated my work to another level.


I've watched the Science of Storytelling at least 3x and each time something else clicks for where I am in my own work.


I learned SO MUCH. I did just buy the Survival Kit, which I know would be great, but you have to be able to tell great stories first…


Science of Storytelling is the foundation of all. It literally changed my vision of filmmaking.


Science of Storytelling is foundational as it is what underpins everything else. It is also the most unique.