Pay in Full for $997 USD

The World-Changing Filmmaker Experience - Pay in Full

World-Changing Filmmaker is a 90-day experience that challenges you to make the best film you've ever made while getting the mentorship of the Muse Team.

As a bonus for joining on launch day, you'll also get our Legal Contracts and Essential Business Contracts downloads. Plus, the Profitable Production mini-course. A $200 value.

Here is everything that's included:

  • 3 sections of learning broken down across 7 modules for a total of 51 meticulously crafted video tutorials [Lifetime Access]
  • Access to an online community platform that will support you in making the strongest story you've ever told throughout our 90-day experience together
  • Monthly webinar where we'll review your weekly challenges and support you through any roadblocks. This is direct access to Patrick, Grant, and Caitlin. All webinars are recorded so you can replay them.
  • Optional monthly challenges that, when combined, help you bring a powerful story to life in your own community.
  • Heaps of worksheets and templates. Creative Milestones, Pitch Templates, Scorecards, Storyboards, and many more worksheets are included. Many are accessible digitally so you can add your brand and use to deliver to your clients.
  • Every tutorial includes transcripts, summaries, and MP3s of the audio to support you in learning however works best for you.
  • A final online showcase celebration where those who created films will get to share them with the community and discuss their creative.
  • Access starts May 23rd with a access to the course, community, and a live kick-0ff event.

All of this plus a 14-day satisfaction guarantee. If you're not satisfied with the quality of the materials or the support from the Muse Team, reach out, and we'll happily refund you.

What People Are Saying:

You go through all these different things. You get uncomfortable. You are challenged in every single way, but you're supported because they care about your voice.


Plan before you shoot. It's not what I'm used to, and  it was the challenge I needed. I'm done making  content, making mediocre stories, and churning  out products. I will tell stories that matter.