Stop undervaluing your expertise and learn how to pay yourself fairly for your unique skills.

You might be thinking...
I am already running my business 

I am already running my business - please don’t make me deal with more numbers!

We get it.

You didn’t get into filmmaking to sit on the computer managing budgets, creating spreadsheets, or preparing pitches. Even though it feels like some days, that is all you do. And even then, you may still feel like…

  • I struggle with pitching new clients
  • I don’t know what to charge new clients
  • I don’t know how to get more clients or larger budgets
  • I struggle with saying no to clients
  • I am not pulling a salary from the business and I don’t know how to

The truth is, the more you lay the framework for your business,
the less you need to worry about it and the more time you have to focus on why you got into filmmaking in the first place.

What mastering financial clarity will do for your business:

Stable Salaries

As a Solopreneur or small business owner, often the lines between business and personal get blurred - which means that if the business is at a low - so is the filmmaker. This course teaches you how to determine a salary and set goals that allow you to draw a reliable salary from the business.

Creative Freedom

When you're not fretting about finances, you've got the ultimate creative freedom. With a budget blueprint in hand, your focus is laser-sharp on the narrative arc, not the financial arc. This means more brainpower for storytelling, character development, and that perfect shot composition.

Pitching with Confidence

Knowing your numbers means you can pitch with the poise of a leading person in a closing monologue. You'll stand before clients and investors not just as a filmmaker, but as a cinematic entrepreneur - which is the secret ingredient to closing the deal.

Negotiation Power

Financial clarity gives you the negotiation chops of a Hollywood agent. You'll know the value of your work and won't settle for the lowball offer. You’re in the director's chair, after all.

Sustainable Projects

Every filmmaker knows the sequel needs to be as good as the original. Financial clarity ensures your projects are sustainable, setting the stage for a studio full of successes, not just a one-hit wonder.

Network of Trust

When you speak money fluently, your crew and clients trust you. They'll follow your direction instead of jumping in the driver's seat on top of you. With their confidence, your creative expertise is treated as a valued partner - making the experience MUCH more enjoyable.

Led by Caitlin and Jazmine, Muse’s VPs of Production and Operations, respectively

This course gives you the foundational tools to be able to chart the course of your business.

  • Comprehensive 90-Minute Video Training: Dive deep into financial planning, budgeting, and project management.
  • Three Core Modules: Master your annual gameplan, budget for profit, and structure a sustainable business.
  • In-Depth Financial Tutorials: Understand key budgeting principles like the scope triangle and Parkinson's law.
  • Real-World Budgeting Examples: See actual budgeting strategies
    in action.
  • 10 Downloadable Templates: Get hands-on with annual and project budgets, cash flow statements, and more.
  • 2 Companion PDFs: Summaries, key takeaways, and definitions
    for each module.
  • Retainer Contract Templates: Create predictable revenue streams.
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  • Comprehensive 90-Minute Video Training
  • Three Core Modules
  • In-Depth Financial Tutorials
  • Real-World Budgeting Examples
  • 10 Downloadable Templates
  • 2 Companion PDFs
  • Retainer Contract Templates

Lane VanderSys

This course was essential for me in understanding how I can leverage the business side of filmmaking to help propel me in taking on bigger projects and passion projects. All while feeing confident in knowing where my filmmaking business' financial health is at.

Curtis Burris-White

I would just guess at all of these numbers and look at my bank account to determine what my business is doing. This course is providing a solid foundation for any creative to understand how to navigate the financial aspects of their business.

Joe Kania

The simplicity and clarity of the presentation of sometimes unwieldy concepts. A lot of times these topics cause me to glaze over or descend into anxiety, this course made it easy to understand terms and concepts and how they act on a business operator.

Ita Udo-Ema

This course is about getting an handle on your current reality and going to help you make better choices about how you build your business.

Autumn Payne

My favorite part was being empowered with the spreadsheets. This replaces some pretty clunky ways I was trying to manage the information. The cash flow one is gold. I wish I had this years ago!

Brenda Feldstein

She makes it simple. A lot of people - including myself - are afraid of numbers, but she proves that this is nothing to be scared of.

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