The AI Masterclass for Documentary, Commercial, Nonprofit, and Branded Content Creators

Overcome the overwhelm and master AI in less time with this Masterclass built for filmmakers


Ethics Note: Our tools and techniques are trained on our data – our published academic studies and processes we've built and taught to over 10,000 filmmakers.

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Note sure if you've heard...

...but up to 97% of content creators are now utilizing AI.

AI is powerful. It's radically shifting our industry. When used right, it can be a game-changer for your business. But it's also a rapidly developing space that is SO DARN TOUGH to keep up with. As a filmmaker, you already have enough to do – which is why we want to be your guide, helping you to stay up to date and know the top tools and techniques to drive results for you and your business. 

The reality is, with the right implementation, AI can help you be more competitive, increase your efficiency, boost your profit margins, and push your thinking

Now is now the time to sit on the fence

AI won't replace you. But somebody who leverages AI just might... we want to help you thrive in this new era.

Massive time savings

Learning prompt engineering and leveraging our custom AI tools designed for filmmakers will drastically reduce your time in research, preparing pitches, developing your creative, getting ready for production, and in post. 

Push your thinking

We'll show you how to leverage our AI tools and other platforms for getting feedback on your brand, pitches, emails, and even edits to get feedback and find quick wins to improve what you're doing as a filmmaker.

Boost profit margins

Increasing the quality of your work while being more efficient means a solid life in your profit margins. It also allows you to remain competitive as our industry undergoes this generational shift through AI adoption.

Leveraging AI as a filmmaker is becoming far less of a choice. A study done with management consultants showed that these high-level thinkers achieved up to a 40% boost in performance when leveraging AI tools. We want to help you see and surpass gains like this for your business.

More than a course – you'll also get custom-developed AI tools for filmmakers 

01. Muse Prompt Pro Browser Extension

A Chrome extension that puts dozens of powerful prompts in your hands in seconds – enabling you to get better results from your AI tools. And no subscription is needed.

02. Storyfinding Maestro GPT

A custom GPT you can load into your ChatGPT. Tell it a bit about your film and it will help you with concrete steps on how to go about finding and telling the strongest story. This is saving community members weeks of time.


03. The Storytelling Genius AI Assistant

A custom AI app that can answer your story questions, help you in creative development and even support you as you prepare for production. Dead simple to use – requires no AI experience, and it's tied into the top LLM and AI tools all without you needing a subscription.










BONUS - Snag a two-hour webinar training designed to get you up and running ASAP.


🚀 This webinar is your quickstart guide to quick results with AI in one 2-hour training 🏆
  1. Train ChatGPT to sound like you and understand your clients 
  2. Get a walkthrough of our custom AI tools 
  3. See how AI Agents can work autonomously for you.

This is a powerful complement to the AI Masterclass as it lets you block one 2-hour session and move yourself massively ahead.

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Meet Patrick Moreau, Creator of the AI Masterclass 👋🏼

Over the past 12 years, Patrick has won 5 national Emmy Awards, partnered in storytelling with giants like the NFL, United Nations, and Four Seasons, and created high-impact content with 7-figure budgets currently airing on major streaming platforms.

Now, Patrick is on a mission to transform the filmmaking journey for 100,000 filmmakers. That's why he's taken his wealth of experience and storytelling strategies and developed them into AI tools and training to empower you as a filmmaker.

Everything you need to master AI quickly...

We're committed to helping you stay ahead of the curve with frequent updates focused on the top 5% you need to know.

✔ Beginner tutorials and guides to help you get started in ChatGPT and MidJourney
✔ Advanced tutorial series to make you a power user in ChatGPT and MidJourney
 All access to the proprietary Muse Prompt Pro Plugin for Chrome
✔ 90-min recorded webinar with thought leaders as a powerful way of understanding the space and opportunity today
 Custom AI tools developed by Muse to help with your film and story process
 37-minute tutorial on harnessing AI inside Davinci Resolve
 PDF Guides and Cheat Sheets making AI adoption far easier

Take 3 minutes and see how Steve used the AI Masterclass to quickly land a large gig...




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$997 total value. Save $800 today.

  • Beginner training in ChatGPT, MidJourney, and understanding Prompt Engineering
  • Advanced tutorial series that includes ChatGPT, Midjourney, and Davinci Resolve
  • Frequent updates to help you stay ahead without having to spend hours a week learning it yourself
  • ($197 value) Custom AI sidekicks built by Muse to help you as a filmmaker – such as The Storyfinding Maestro
  • ($297 value) Access to Muse Prompt Pro Chrome Plug-In (this alone is worth 10x the course)
  • Lifetime and instant access
  • BONUS # 1 - The ultimate starter guide for ChatGPT and MidJourney ($47 value)
  • BONUS # 2 - two-hour implementation webinar with tactical step-by-step instructions ($97 value)
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  • Everything in the individual version
  • Access for up to ten team members (must be from the same organization)
  • Email support to get you up and running
  • Access to Muse Prompt Pro Chrome Plug-In (this alone is worth 10x the course)
  • Access to all of our custom AI Tools for up to ten team members
  • Lifetime and instant access
  • Ability to share the AI Starter Guide, MidJourney Cheat Sheet with your team
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Your satisfaction and learning journey are our top priorities. If you've immersed yourself in the course and it does not deliver the value you expected, please let us know within 14 days. We're here to support you and will promptly issue a refund.


We've heard from many of you that you're loving the AI Masterclass and want to roll it out to your team. We now have a Studio Edition for up to 10 team members within the same organization. Email [email protected] for a code on how to upgrade to the Studio Edition.